Oregon Propane

Serving propane to our Oregon neighbors in Boring, Eagle Creek, Canby, Mulino, Estacada, Molalla, and rural Mt. Hood areas.

25 gallons or less

Small refills

Come to our site in Eagle Creek to get a fresh refill for your 5-25 gallon propane tank for your RV, trailer, boat or BBQ. If we're already in the area, we may also be able to deliver. Give us a call to find out!

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More Than 25 Gallons

Large refills

Our transport trucks can bring you as much propane as you need for your larger 100-3,000 gallon tanks. We deliver to both residential and commercial sites in Eagle Creek, Sandy, Estacada, Damascus, Boring, Oregon City, and beyond.

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Get started Or Switch

Tank Install

There are many benefits of switching to propane, as well as many propane tank sizes. There are also above ground as well as underground propane tank options. Whether you're just getting started or adding another tank, we can help.

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Switching to Oregon Propane is easy!

propane tank delivery


  • Underground Tank Installation

  • Aboveground Tank Installation

  • Residential Refill

  • Commercial Refill

  • Tank Exchange

  • Delivery on Demand

  • Tank Maintenance and Safety

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Local propane, your way

Oregon Propane is Not your typical propane provider

In today's age, big box stores have taken over everything. Here at Oregon Propane, LLC, we saw an opportunity to serve our local Eagle Creek, Estacada and other rural neighbors' propane needs better than the existing propane giants. We strive to go above and beyond, offering quality propane refills delivered to your door for a fair price.

Propane Refills

We deliver large propane tank refills (120–1000 gallons and above). We do specialize in installing large propane tanks, so if you heat your whole home with propane, or you are thinking about switching to propane, give us a call!

For smaller tanks for your BBQ or RV, come to our Eagle Creek location. 

Propane Tank Sales and Rental

We have many types of propane tanks for lease, ranging from the small 57 gallon, to the largest 1,000 gallon propane tank. As such, we service both residential and commercial propane needs.

Oregon Propane installs both aboveground and underground propane tanks. There are many benefits to both, but our favorite is the underground propane tank. If you choose to install an underground propane tank, we take care of the whole process—from excavation to cleanup.

Propane Delivery

Need propane delivered? Our fleet of trucks are available Monday-Friday for propane delivery at your convenience. We like to get to know the customers on our route and look forward to serving you.

American Fuel

Support American fuel independence and use propane! Our propane is made right here in Oregon. Plus, propane burns clean—leaving the country and our beautiful state ready for the next generation.

Most affordable

Propane prices from the big box stores are getting too inflated. To them, their customers are just a number. That's why we're here as your neighbors to fill your tank for less. If you fall on hard times, we're not going to let you freeze. Oregon Propane cares more about doing the right thing than making money.

Make the switch today and meet your neighbors!


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Service Areas

  • Eagle Creek

  • Estacada

  • Damascus

  • Boring

  • Logan

  • Currinsville

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Oregon propane small logo: dark green mountain with a flame cut out of it
propane delivery
Propane Delivery and tank exchange

Propane refill

We refill propane for you through our propane delivery trucks, or by propane tank exchange at our site in Eagle Creek. Oregon Propane can meet all your propane refill needs! Our friendly team of professional propane delivery truck drivers always prioritize your safety and make sure you never run out of propane for your home or business. Keep your world warm and bright by signing up to be on our rural Oregon propane delivery route today, or by coming by in person to refill your tank.

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Above ground and underground propane tanks

Lease a Propane tank

Are you still heating your home with kerosene or wood? Is natural gas not an option in your rural area? Go green and easy by switching to a propane-powered home!

Propane can run many appliances beyond the obvious propane stove. There are also propane hot water heaters, refrigerators, and generators.

Tanks can be installed above ground, or underground. Owning a propane tank on your property can increase the value of your home.

We have propane tanks for home in all sizes. 100 gallon, 250 gallon, 500 gallon, and 1000 gallon. Ask us about government assistance available to folks switching to propane. You may be eligible for a tax cut by investing in propane for your home.

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propane tanks
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The benefits of switching to propane for your home

Propane for your home

Thinking about switching to propane for your home? There's a lot that goes into it. We can help you find the setup that's right for your needs. Bigger families need bigger tanks, but even if you're only a two-person household, we recommend going with a larger tank that will increase your property value and decrease the number of times you need the tank filled. In the long run it will save you money! Underground propane tanks can also increase property value, and are much easier to mow around (or over!) and safer thank above ground propane tanks.

Give us a call and we'll help you with anything you are wondering about preparing your home for propane.

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  • Do I need a propane generator?
Above ground and underground propane tanks

Propane For your Business

Propane can do a lot more than run a fireplace. It can power your commercial operation, too. Propane is perfect for factories, farms, restaurants, ranches and warehouses.

Propane is much cheaper than electric or gas, and more reliable. It can run daily operations, as well as be there for you in case of a power outage emergency.

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small propane tank refill
Cost of propane per gallon

Propane Prices

Propane prices is one of the biggest reasons Oregon Propane was founded. We heat our own home with this wonderful liquid, and were frustrated by the cost per gallon. So we found a way to get the cheapest propane, and pass those savings down to you!

The propane cost per gallon varies depending on how much you are buying. As with everything, it's cheaper in bulk. Call us today for an estimate on your propane refill cost.

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We've got the big trucks

Propane Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of propane delivery. We come to you! Sign up for automatic delivery so you never have to worry about it again, or just have us come out on an as-needed basis.

Oregon Propane has two 11,000 gallon trucks ready to serve Eagle Creek, Canby, Estacada, Damascus, Boring, Rhododendron and beyond. We deliver to all of the Rural Mt.Hood area.

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  • What is the service area range/how far do you deliver propane?
propane delivery in snow

Propane Delivery for the Mt.Hood Corridor

Always there when you need us

Living in the Mt.Hood corridor is peaceful and serene, but in an emergency, you’ll need propane delivery quickly. That’s why Oregon Propane offers same day service as much as we can, and emergency service when you need it most. No matter how remote you are, you can depend on Oregon Propane for the fuel you need when it matters most.