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How oregon propane Got started

Family owned and operated

As a longtime propane user, I've learned that it's the cheapest and most reliable fuel for rural living. But as a businessman, I know that big propane companies are taking advantage of their clients by charging high prices for subpar service.

Oregon Propane started as an idea about how I could serve my community better, and that remains our primary objective.

My name is John Roy Randall III. You may already know me from around town, as I often strike up conversations that turn strangers into neighbors. I am a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses in the area. I've been providing towing, storage, and construction services for decades, and now I'm tackling propane too. What can I say, when I see a need, I fill it. That's just how I work!

Propane has fascinated me for some time, and now it's become an obsession. That's why I've worked as hard as I have to get my team ready to serve my friends and neighbors in the Mt. Hood area.

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John and his wife sit next to each other, grinning. John has a grey moustache and his wife has long blonde hair.

John and his wife, Kristen.

Oregon Propane team

Small but mighty

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Marketing Manager
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Front Desk
A worker installing to propane tanks


Propane Delivery Driver

"Sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with money, you just have to do the right thing. It's worth more to me to make sure everyone is treated with respect"

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