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The whole reason we started Oregon Propane was because we were getting overcharged by the other provider in Eagle Creek. Their propane prices were way over what we we knew they could be.

We knew we could do better and offer a fair propane price. Today we are proud to offer the best propane price in town!

Call us today to get a current number—the price of propane is always fluctuating, and we can get you a better deal if you are buying in bulk.

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Propane cost FAQ

Yes. As the United States gets better at producing propane from more sources, propane prices are falling a couple cents year to year. Since it is a clean energy source, there is a lot of research and development going into how to produce more propane. As more propane is produced, prices fall.

Propane is measured in gallons, not pounds. Call us for our current propane price per gallon. Depending on current supply, how much you need, and time of year, the price can fluctuate wildly.

The propane is the same cost, but there are less fees associated with owning your own tank. You won't be paying rental fees, so it definitely saves you money in the long run. 

Some propane suppliers do charge more for propane instead of adding the rental fee onto your bill. We believe in total transparency, so we don't sneak in charges like that.

Propane is the cheapest in the summertime. Warm weather has people outside and not using their furnace, leading to an increase in supply. So if you have extra tanks, summertime is the time to stock up on propane!

That's similar to asking what the average price for car gasoline is. It changes all the time! Call us to get an accurate number for today. Buy in bulk and save!

Like graphs? Check out the average price of propane from 1992-2020.

Propane is cheaper than diesel and heating oil. It is more efficient and doesn't expire like diesel does.

Natural gas is cheaper than propane at first glance, but they are actually similarly priced. Because propane heats so well, you need less of it than if you are heating your home with natural gas—each gallon of propane goes further.

There are a few ways to make your propane last longer. Most of them ensure its efficient usage.

  • Make sure your attic is well insulated.
  • Install weather stripping on all doors and windows.
  • Switch from single-pane to double-pane windows to retain heat.
  • If you can't afford new windows, there is plastic window wrap you can buy at most grocery stores. Putting this up every winter really helps.
  • Shut your heat off while not at home.
  • Turn the thermostat down by 10%.
  • Keep your heater vents clean.
  • Keep your dryer vents clean.
  • Switch to a tankless on-demand water heater—and never run out of hot water again!!! Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds.
  • Properly maintain tank safety to ensure there are no leaks.

Propane is cheaper than electric for heating your home. Although electric furnaces may cost less initially, they will cost more in the long run because electricity is so expensive, and electric furnaces break often.