Propane Tank Exchange

Simply refill and save

Refilling is cheaper than exchanging

Oregon Propane does NOT do tank exchanges!!!

Instead, we save you money by only refilling what is missing. Small tank refill is easy when you store your RV or boat at our secure storage facility. This way you can top off your propane tank to stay toasty warm on your way out to your new adventure!

Or come swing by with your BBQ propane tank and get ready for grilling.

Refill location address:

23000 SE Eagle Creek Rd, Eagle Creek, OR

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Tank Exchange FAQ

It costs more to exchange than to refill because you likely still have gas left. Nobody wants to wait until they actually run out, and be without a stove or heat until they have to desperately hunt to find more!

We save you money by offering a refill instead of exchange. Come by our location at 23000 SE Eagle Creek Rd, Eagle Creek, OR, or call us today for current propane prices.

We refill your tank at

23000 SE Eagle Creek Rd, Eagle Creek, OR

We've got plans to expand! Keep in touch for new locations.

We can refill any tank.

Anything you can bring to our site, we can refill! If your tank is too large, we can come to you.

Please note we don't refill those tiny camp stove propane canisters that are less than 1 gallon.

Yes, many do. But the money you spend there does not go back into the community. Vote with your dollar for the American Dream.